Down Darling Street


DARLING STREET: First named Keizersgracht (Emperor’s Canal) – a canal was formed by diverting a stream that filled the moat of the Castle. Named after Charles Darling who convened the first Cape Parliament in 1854.


GRAND PARADE: The northern corner is the site of the original fort built by Jan van Riebeck in 1652. That fort had four bastions named after ships: Drommedaris, Oliphant, Walvis and Reiger. Then a parade ground. In the Parade you will find the Anglo-Boer War Memorial and statue of King Edward VII who succeeded Queen Victoria in 1902. He refused to be crowned as King of England until peace was achieved between the British troops and the Boers. This marked him as a great statesman and it is for this deed that he holds such a prominent place in the city.



CITY HALL: built in 1905 as tribute to Queen Victorias Golden Jubilee in 1887, but the Boer War intervened with the completion of the Italian Renaissance style building that stands right opposite the parade on Darling street.


the building is made up of local granite, imported Bath sandstone with red and grey Aberdeen granite (columns) and Sicilian marble for the main staircases. Woodwork is teak and the clock tower is half the size of Big Ben with 39 bells.



Nelson Mandela addressed the nation from the balcony of City Hall on 11/02/1990 after his release from prison.
Home of the CT Symphony and one of my favorite buildings in Cape Town.

20120508-084000.jpg one would also find Old Mutual Heights on Darling Street, the pinnacle of art deco in South Africa.
Next door to Old Mutual is the Eastern Bazaar, which is a food market. Grab great food at a great price.


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